Hurley Solutions, Inc.

Database and Enterprise Application Development

With experience that spans over three decades, Josh and his team create high performing, secure, scalable and maintainable applications for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations. These enterprise applications enable companies to be more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

Application Architecture

The cornerstone of success for an application is to have a proper architecture in place. Whether you have a greenfield application that is still in the design phase, or a legacy application that needs an overhaul, your application will achieve higher levels of maintainability, scalability, security and performance with an appropriate application architecture.

Finding an appropriate architecture starts with understating the features, workflows and interactions of your application. The resulting architectural design will combine proven software design patterns and modern abstractions and services.

Microsoft .NET Subject Matter Experts

Does your development team need .NET subject matter experts to complete your next project? Our team has been building .NET for more than 12 years. We remember when .NET was still in beta! Although our default language of choice is C#, we are equally comfortable coding in VB.NET. We can help you build ASP.NET MVC / Web Forms, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF and number of other .NET Framework based implementations. Although our core competency is the .NET Framework, we recognize that your company likely has a heterogeneous set of platforms; we can integrate your .NET applications with your IT ecosystem.

Object-Oriented Programming

LOB (line of business) applications that implement object-oriented design benefit from a higher degree of reliability, maintainable and reusability. Our years of experience in OO programming will benefit your enterprise application. We are pragmatic programmers; we use inheritance, interfaces and polymorphism when it benefits your application, as opposed to shoehorning a one-size fits all design.

Database Design and Programming

Ultimately, the most durable part or your enterprise application is your data store. We have been designing and implementing database schemas for more than 20 years. We can help keep your databases contemporary with industry standards of data integrity, performance criteria and security protocols. Our DBMS experience includes Microsoft SQL, Access, MySQL and Oracle. Beyond traditional DBMS, we can also help you implement NoSQL solutions such as key/value store using Microsoft Azure Tables.

Custom CRM

The lifeblood of a your company is managing relationships with your customers. Although many CRM solutions exist, most are overly-complicated, expensive, and can't easily be customized to fit the needs of your company. Hurley Solutions can help.

Our approach is to fully understand your sales process, and identify the data points that should be tracked to achieve your objectives. We will work with your existing systems to map data so that client facing associates have the information they need in a single application. Want to track referrals? Client touch-points? Measure activities and outcomes against stated goals? These can all be incorporated. Your CRM system will reflect your needs so you aren't paying for features that won't be utilized.

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