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Ecommerce Application Development

The web is a massive disruption to how individuals and companies engage in commerce. We help your company focus on how to best utilize technology to create efficiencies and increase profitability. Each ecommerce application is custom built to your business needs, and implemented to meet your business model.

Custom CMS

Be in control!

A Custom CMS (Content Management Systems) is the core of your ecommerce application. It contains products and services that you offer for sale. Unlike a pre-canned catalog, a custom CMS we build for your company will allow you to control the details related to your product offering.

Your CMS will allow you to update product details through a secure administrative dashboard. The CMS can be designed to match your company’s workflow, including multi-level approval and testing requirements.

Custom Shopping Carts

Make it easy for your customers to give you money!

Your ecommerce application needs a shopping cart and a checkout process that allows your customers to easily order products and services from your company. With an industry average of over two-thirds shopping cart abandonment rate, it is critical that your custom shopping cart reduces the friction to allow your customers to complete their orders. Your shopping carts and order pages will be tailored to your specific product and service offerings.

Payment Processor Integration

Make customers feel good about sharing their information.

Your ecommerce site should project trust and professionalism to your customers at every stage. Most importantly, when you ask for a credit card, your customers shouldn’t be concerned that your website layout suddenly changes, or that you redirect your customer to another site to complete the order. Although these techniques might save money in building your site, your customer might doubt the security and hesitate to complete the purchase on your website.

Securely and seamlessly integrating a payment processor into your order pages allows your customers to complete your orders following a workflow they are accustomed to with other websites. The major payment processors, including Authorize.NET, can be supported in your new ecommerce application.

Analytics Integration

Understand your customer.

Key to improving your ecommerce website is to understand how visitors find you and interact with your site. A basic integration of Google Analytics provides a good overview of consumer demographics and views. A full analytics integration allows tracking behavior on a wide array of variables, such as click-thru rates of individual links and tracking a paid search viewer through order completion.

A/B Testing

What works?

A custom Content Management System (CMS), combined with a fully integrated analytics platform, allows your ecommerce site to track the success of different approaches to selling your products and services. For example, you can test if consumers respond better to clicking on a product description link versus an image.


Communicate what matters to your customers.

Although email, in one form or another, predates the Internet, it still one of the best ways to reach your customers. A number of services exist with a range of features depending on your volume, tracking and other needs. Hurley Solutions can integrate your new ecommerce application with popular email services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendGrid and Sailthru. Additionally, a custom email feature can be incorporated into your ecommerce solution.

Social Media

Listen to your customers.

Your social media strategy should be integrated into your ecommerce application. Your website should allow users to easily share and comment on your products and services. Additionally your ecommerce website should integrate tracking, such as click-thru rates, from different social media platforms.


Integration is key.

Traditionally the focus of an ecommerce application was focused on the user experience with the primary website. As your partners and consumers advance in technological sophistication, we can build systems that allow both your customers and vendors to interact with a set of custom APIs. For example, if your supplier provides real time inventory, a process can be built to update your ecommerce website to reflect that inventory status.

Enterprise System Integration

Time is money -- efficiency matters.

Your back-office systems can be integrated into your new ecommerce website. By integrating product information, inventory, delivery options and many other data points, you will reduce duplication and manual effort needed to maintain your new ecommerce application.

Integration can be as simple as creating import and export processes to move data between your ecommerce applications and your enterprise systems. If you require a high level of automation, your new ecommerce website can be built to push and pull data from your existing systems.


VillageVines / Savored

Maximizing revenue with an ecommerce application was the goal for VillageVines.

They wanted to create an ecommerce solution that would allow premier restaurants to discreetly discount low demand dining timeslots to maximize overall revenue. From the first conversation, we told VillageVines that to build a business on an application, it would have to be built the right way, from the start. They agreed.

Hurley Solutions designed, prototyped and implemented a multi-million dollar ecommerce application. Within three months, we transformed a set of static prototypes into a scalable website deployed to a load-balanced web farm on cloud infrastructure. We designed an architecture that enabled the application to accommodate over a half million members, securely processing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of transactions per day using an integrated payment gateway.

Hurley Solutions helped VillageVines receive four million dollars in financing and position themselves for the subsequent sale to Groupon.

How will our technology solve your business problems and make your business money?

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