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Hurley Solutions has the expertise to provide value to your business, beyond technological solutions. Our clients are capitalizing on Erin’s twenty year background in the financial services industry for engagements in such areas as business strategy, talent identification and process improvement. If you need a fresh perspective or a catalyst for change in your organization, Hurley Solutions is ready to assist.

Financial Services Consulting

Bank services are constantly evolving. Many are now designed to help organizations increase efficiency, prevent fraud and streamline operations. But which are right for you? For that matter, what bank is best for you? There are vast differences between financial institutions that affect the product offering and service you receive. Our team can work with you to evaluate your current financial package, the banking and accounting practices currently in place, and the options available to you in the market. We will even write, issue and evaluate responses to Requests for Proposals – eliminating hours of work for your organization.

Finding the right Leadership

Our Maine Executive Search division is the source for regional talent. We find the kind of people you need to fill a critical void on your team. If you're seeking the right executive for your company, Maine Executive Search is the partner you need. For more information please visit the Maine Executive Search website for more details.

Doing Business in Maine

Let’s face it. Maine is a unique place in which to do business. If you are new to the Maine market, or contemplating entering the Maine market, our team can advise you on aspects of doing business in a way that will be well-received by Mainers – businesses and consumers alike. Talent identification, where to locate your business, market introduction, growth strategy, prospect identification and where best to invest to demonstrate your commitment to the community – we have the expertise to help you do it right the first time.

Process Efficiency Identification

Most businesses have numerous inefficiencies built into processes that have evolved over time. Typing the same information into several different systems and inefficient access to data housed in disparate databases are two of the most common scenarios we see. When business volume starts to grow, issues like this can impede success – the opportunity costs become too high when your people are spending time on tasks that can be automated. Let us help you identify when and where technology can provide your business with “lift” so that you can achieve your business objectives.

Sales Process Management

Do your associates miss opportunities with new and existing clients? Do they know how to ask the right questions to uncover the full needs of your clients, and have a long-term plan to meet those needs? At Hurley Solutions, we develop and Implement customized Sales Management routines to ensure your team is making the most of every client interaction. Unlike traditional sales training programs, our approach seeks to understand the culture of the institution, the preferred approach to the market, and the desired financial or business growth outcomes. Then, we work to develop company-wide routines that can be executed with consistency by the entire front-line team.

Department Turn-Arounds

Do you have an underperforming area of your organization? Our team is experienced in understanding current processes and business models, identifying inefficiencies, communication and processing gaps, and implementing a strategy for change that meets the goals of your company.

Talent Acquisition

We know the Maine market and can help you identify a talent funnel for current and future initiatives. Key to our method is understanding the culture of your organization, and the outcomes desired from the new hire. We will work with you to identify those candidates we know will not be a fit, to surface names of people you or your recruiting agency may not know in the market and conduct joint or solo interviews to ensure we find the right fit for your team. Visit Maine Executive Search to learn more.

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