Hurley Solutions, Inc.

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Ecommerce Application Development

  • Custom CMS
    (Content Management Systems)
  • Custom Shopping Carts
  • Payment Processor Integration
  • Analytics Integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Enterprise System Integration
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Database and Enterprise Application Development

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Microsoft .NET Subject Matter Experts
  • Application Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Custom CRM
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Business Consulting Services

  • Sales Process Management
  • Department Turn-Arounds
  • Talent Identification
  • Financial Services Consulting
  • Doing Business in Maine
  • Process Efficiency Identification
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VillageVines / Savored

Maximizing revenue with an ecommerce application was the goal for VillageVines.

They wanted to create an ecommerce solution that would allow premier restaurants to discreetly discount low demand dining timeslots to maximize overall revenue. From the first conversation, we told VillageVines that to build a business on an application, it would have to be built the right way, from the start. They agreed.

Hurley Solutions designed, prototyped and implemented a multi-million dollar ecommerce application. Within three months, we transformed a set of static prototypes into a scalable website deployed to a load-balanced web farm on cloud infrastructure. We designed an architecture that enabled the application to accommodate over a half million members, securely processing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of transactions per day using an integrated payment gateway.

Hurley Solutions helped VillageVines receive four million dollars in financing and position themselves for the subsequent sale to Groupon.

How will our technology solve your business problems and make your business money?

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